An ongoing saga featuring the Brothers Squimbop, a rogue charlatan duo tearing up an ontologically fraught world, combining slapstick, identity quest, and raw horror. The full book, which stitches together locations and themes from ANGEL HOUSE and my DODGE CITY trilogy, while still functioning as a standalone story, will be published by 11:11 Press in 2023. Until then, the individual episodes have been published as follows, with more to come... (illustration by Jan Robert Duennweller)

The Brothers Squimbop (in Fanzine)

The Brothers Squimbop in Europe (in The Rupture)

The Brothers Squimbop in Hollywood (in Heavy Feather Review)

Squimbop Fever (in Heavy Feather Review)

The Brothers Squimbop in Kansas (in Southwest Review)

The Brothers Squimbop in Dodge City (in Southwest Review)

The Last Testament of Professor Squimbop (in Mitos Magazin)