I'm a writer and animator from Northampton, MA, currently living in NYC. I have taught art and writing courses at Harvard, The New School, The Gotham Writers Workshop, and Parsons School of Design. The private workshops I offer combine seminar-style discussion of outside literature with intensive workshopping and discussion of student submissions. My goal is to combine and cross-pollinate from both forms of reading, so that students develop and improve their own and their colleagues' work, while also expanding their knowledge and appreciation of classic and contemporary literature. We often watch and discuss relevant films, as well.

All classes cost $450, and are remote via Zoom for the time being.

Contact: raviddice@gmail.com


Current Classes


Starting July 23. A 10-week intensive seminar and workshop on American Underground and Transgressive Fiction. We'll read books by William S. Burroughs, David Ohle, Kathy Acker, Samuel R. Delany, Sarah Rose Etter, Jeff Jackson, B.R. Yeager, and Dennis Cooper, as well as workshopping student submissions.

Guest speakers include Brian Evenson, Sarah Rose Etter, Jeff Jackson, and B.R. Yeager.

Past Classes

Spring 2020: WAR & PEACE

12-week intensive seminar and discussion group on WAR & PEACE. We read about 100 pages per week and discussed them in depth, both from a craft and from a literary-historical point of view, tying the novel's themes in with today's questions of fragmented mass media, divisive politics, and widespread fear and uncertainty about the future. Several guest speakers visited throughout the term, to elucidate various aspects of Tolstoy's life, the novel's composition, and its place in Russian and literary history.


10-week intensive seminar and discussion group where we read short story collections and novellas from around the world, including Samanta Schweblin's FEVER DREAM, Felisberto Hernandez's PIANO STORIES, Thomas Bernhard's WITTGENSTEIN'S NEPHEW, Bruno Schulz's STREET OF CROCODILES, Ha Seong-Nan's FLOWERS OF MOLD, and Gerald Murnane's STREAM SYSTEM. The goal was to take a broad survey of distinct literary styles from other languages and cultures, so as to broaden our perspective on what we, writing in contemporary America, might aim to achieve.


10-week intensive seminar and discussion group where we studied both the theory and practice of Weird fiction, as it relates to horror, philosophy, science-fiction, dreaming, and surrealism. We read Thomas Ligotti's TEATRO GROTTESCO, Camilla Grudova's DOLL'S ALPHABET, and Clive Barker's BOOKS OF BLOOD.